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Indications and Effectiveness


EXOGEN® is the only bone healing device to have NICE Medical Technology Guidance (MTG12) which is independently verified proof that only EXOGEN saves money compared with surgical intervention, indicated to accelerate healing for indicated* fresh tibia and radius fractures, and has been indicated for treatment of established non-union fractures, excluding skull and vertebra. EXOGEN has not been tested in pregnant or skeletally immature patients.

Proven effectiveness

EXOGEN accelerates the healing of indicated* fresh fractures by 38%,2,3 resolves 86% of non-unions,4 and is effective in a wide range of patients and fractures:

  • Smokers12
  • Advanced age13
  • Deep or superficial fractures10
  • Infected non-unions14
  • Atrophic non-unions15
  • Hypertrophic non-unions15
  • Non-unions with metal implants6

Common fractures at risk for non-unions

In many cases, EXOGEN may prevent the need for further surgery.4

EXOGEN non-union heal rates

Heal rates based on fracture age of 91–180 days.

*Includes metacarpal, carpal and hamate
**Includes talus, calcaneus, tarsal navicular, cuboid and cuneiform

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