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Frequently Asked Questions for Physicians

How effectively does EXOGEN penetrate soft tissue?

The EXOGEN ultrasound beam expands to reach a width almost 2.5 times the size of the transducer. At its widest, the effective diameter of the ultrasound beam is more than 5 cm, and the therapeutic span is more than 3.4 cm—even after passing through 20 cm of soft tissue12. EXOGEN ultrasound waves can penetrate through skin and soft tissue to reach bone up to 26.5 cm deep32.

Is EXOGEN treatment effective with deep fractures such as in the femur?

In clinical evaluation, EXOGEN had a 92% success rate in treating non-unions of the femur15, suggesting that EXOGEN is an excellent choice for patients with deep fractures.

Is EXOGEN able to treat the entire fracture?

Tibia fractures up to 6.35 cm in length were healed in clinical trials using the EXOGEN system2. The biological effect of the ultrasound beam spreads around the entire fracture by stimulating cells facing the transducer, by penetrating the bone to stimulate cells on the bone’s far side and by transmitting longitudinal and shear waves around the bone18.

What does the EXOGEN unit include?

The EXOGEN unit consists of the main operating unit and the attached cable with transducer head. Patients also receive an application strap, coupling gel and battery charger.

What do I need to do to prepare my patient for EXOGEN treatments?

The EXOGEN transducer must be in direct contact with skin, so if your patient needs or currently has a cast, you’ll need to build in a transducer port or create a window. Our trained EXOGEN specialists will assist you with proper placement of the transducer port for casting and use with metals for non-union fractures. For more information contact Customer Care at 00800 02 04 06 08 (tel toll-free), or use the Contact Us section on this site.

Can EXOGEN be used safely with metal fixation of non-union fractures?

Yes. EXOGEN is non-cavitating and non-thermal for non-union fractures19,20. Testing shows that it produces no untoward effects or migration of fixation6.

Does EXOGEN have any contraindications?

EXOGEN has no known contraindications.

Can patients with cardiac pacemakers or other active, implantable devices use EXOGEN?

Active, implantable devices like cardiac pacemakers may be adversely affected by close exposure to the EXOGEN device. Patients or other people in close proximity during treatment should be evaluated by a cardiologist or physician before using the EXOGEN device.

Will insurers cover EXOGEN?

Many insurers cover the EXOGEN device. For more information, contact your local EXOGEN representative, request a call or contact Bioventus Customer Care on 00800 02 04 06 08 (tel toll-free), or use the Contact Us section on this site.
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